Sugarplum handles the most complex logistics with professionalism, support and execution unparalleled in our industry. From the largest tents to the smallest details, you can count on Sugarplum to get it right every time. We offer a complete selection of the highest quality tents in white, clear, sailcloth and more, along with all the accessories.

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“From start to finish, your staff and operation were ‘first class.’With quality and service as good as yours, I won’t hesitate to use Sugarplum again for our corporate and social events.”

Anne B.
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“. . .the tent is magnificent and your colleagues who put the tent up were very, very nice to work with.”

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“This year’s event was our best ever! We especially appreciate the extra effort your team put forth to make everything seamless in such difficult weather. Our guests were warm and dry even as it poured outside.Well done!”

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