Whether you are in Washington DC, Montgomery County, Frederick County, or beyond, Sugarplum Tent Company offers tents, lighting, dance floors, staging, climate control, flooring & carpet, and more! We do it all except for the food and flowers–(leave those to your caterer & florist!)  We have White Tents, Clear Tents, Sailcloth Tents and our new one-of-a-kind Garden Tent (pictured at right) in all sizes. Our dance floors are  all beautifully polished and maintained (no scuffed up oak or uneven seams with us!); choose classic teakwood, all-white, black & white or New England Plank, or even a Vintage Plank.

Lighting options abound!  Let your vision guide you through a range from understated and elegant to “wow” chandeliers to a wide variety of lanterns and hanging pendants to a dreamy starlight effect to pin spotting.

The unusual and whimsy of Sugarplum's Garden Tent captivates guests!
The unusual and whimsy of Sugarplum's Garden Tent captivates guests!
The Sailcloth Tent cuts a stunning profile day or night!
The Sailcloth Tent cuts a stunning profile day or night!

Taffeta tent liners come in a variety of colors & fabrics including white, champagne, or an endless choice of custom colors & fabrics.  Swagging is also a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Our Sailcloth Tents feature a creamy sheer fabric with natural wood finish on the poles and nautical stitching at the poles.  They are perfect for Spring through Fall events.

Flooring options may be considered when drainage or uneven slopes are a problem. We can even floor over a pool, providing more space on a patio. A simple laydown plywood floor covered with Astroturf gives a firm surface and a polished look to any event.  For serious slope issues,, a leveled floor might be needed.  Sugarplum offers custom carpet, sisal or astroturf in many shades and faux laminates in a variety of textures.  We also have special event generators (think quiet!),  Luxury restroom trailers, and well, everything except the food, flowers & guests . . .

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All the choices available today can be confusing, and we are often asked what type of tent is needed. Usually it’s the client’s vision combined with the event site logistics that dictate the answer. For installations on patios, asphalt, or concrete, structure or frame tents (sometimes called clear spans) are the only sensible options. However, for many applications, a pole or tension tent is the logical choice.  (click on our “brochure” of tent styles below for visuals!)

Pole or Tension Tent

A pole or tension tent is anchored in the ground by staking. This maximizes the tension and creates a nice, taut appearance with high peaks. In recent years, the standard ropes on pole tents have been replaced by high tension ratchets or winches. Thus modern pole tents are often referred to as tension tents. Within this category are also found the dramatic, sweeping tents with taller poles. These are sometimes called high-peak tension tents, and offer clients wonderful interior space as well as strong engineering capable of handling substantial wind, rain or snow loads. They must be staked in the ground, so grass is preferable for these tents.

A structure or frame tent is more self-supporting, but the biggest misconception is that a frame tent doesn’t need to be anchored. If a gust of wind comes along, a frame tent will take off like Mary Poppins unless it’s securely tethered down. To meet engineering standards, these must also be staked according to the manufacturers’ guidelines. In some cases, heavy exterior weights and blocks can be substituted for normal staking. There has been significant industry and academic work on various staking issues and Sugarplum Tent Company is closely affiliated and follows the guidelines of both the International Fabrics Association International (IFAI) and the Mid-Atlantic Tent Renter’s Association (MATRA) and their in-depth studies.

Another difference between structure tents and pole tents is the price. Structure tents are more time-consuming to install and often cost more, with the anchoring factored in. Another difference — and one of concern to the client — is the aesthetics. A pole tent has classic lines, graceful peaks and dips. It is unfettered and clean underneath.  Structure  tents may eliminate the need for center poles, but looking up from under a frame tent, one sees aluminum beams and structural supports.  This can be minimized with swagging or a fabric tent liner,

The size of the event is another consideration. Since structure tents for home events are normally limited to 40-feet and 50 feet wide, they can’t handle a huge crowd or event. But on the other hand, they’re the perfect choice for an event requiring a number of smaller tents, such as a city property with limited backyard space or mature trees. The tents can be used abutting one anther to form contiguous space. They can also be lined with fabric, softening the appearance of the supporting pipes.

Like pole tents, frame tents have also evolved with the introduction of the heavy-duty clear span structures. Much like buildings with integrated vinyl skins, these structures are an excellent product for heavy duty installations or in months when the weather may be an issue. The structures are self-supporting with interior beams, but no cross bars. They come in white and clear and are quite handsome as well as being one of the safest types of tents.

Sailcloth tents are elegant additions to the tenting arena. Inspired by the sea, this series is known for its natural wooden poles, sculpted peaks and rounded edges to capture the nautical craftsmanship and the great traditions of sailing. The translucence of the sailcloth fabric enhances daytime events with warm natural light and positively glows when softly illuminating for sunsets on the water. We offer a full line of nautical lighting, New England Plank dance floors and colorful pennants to compliment your open-air event space.

Bottom Line: let Sugarplum’s professionals give you our best recommendation for your site & event! We have more than 25 years of experience tenting thousands of lawns and venues throughout the area.

Click here to download Tent Styles Brochure

Tent liners lend unparalleled elegance to special events. Soft folds of the finest taffeta line the interior “ceiling” of the tent, creating a truly ethereal ambiance. No tent accessory gives such an elegant polished result. Liners are available in white, champagne, or custom colors and finishes. Liners can also be swagged with a contrasting color.  Click on our “brochure” with ideas below.

Swagging is also very popular and adds visual interest and texture to the tent.  It’s effective with one or two colors.  White tulle in a clear tent, for example, is a beautiful and sophisticated look while a duo of similar or contrasting colors can “pop” a white tent and make it totally unique.

Backlighting or color washes of the liner can create even more dramatic effects. Pole drapes add a graceful touch as guests approach; they match the taffeta liners or are available in a custom Tuscan ombre fabric of ivories and lattes that is gorgeous! Let Sugarplum’s professionals put their skills and experience to work to serve you.

Tent Liners Tent Swagging

Lighting sets the tone and ambiance for your event. From a basic lighting package to dramatic pinspotting or chandeliers, let us bring your vision to light!

In a basic lighting package, streamer perimeter lighting (under the scalloped edge of the tent) is combined with a colorwash uplighting of the tent interior providing both ambient lighting, and a rich dramatic texture. The colorwash uplighting is available in any color of your choice, but rose, amber or white usually complements any color scheme.  We also have Bistro String lighting in a variety of styles.

Sugarplum has a great selection of chandeliers–from large statement chandeliers to rattan hanging pendants to faux candle lanterns in many styles, finishes & sizes. Most look great on dimmers when combined with streamer or bistro lighting.

Under a taffeta liner or in a clear tent, we can create a starlight effect with small lights. These add a magical effect as they shine through the taffeta or create a kaleidoscope reflecting off the clear-top tent.

To ensure your guests safely reach their cars at the end of an event, we also have really cool light “balloons” for exterior lighting. . .They look like a large full moon!

Check out this “brochure”  below we’ve created to illustrate many lighting techniques. For specific questions, give us a call!


Sugarplum offers Dance floors in beautiful polished teakwood, black and white, all-white, New England Oak Plank or a Vintage Plank. We also offer staging in all sizes and heights, along with stage skirting and coverings.

Dance Floors & Full Flooring

From no floor, to a simple laydown plywood floor covered with Astroturf to a leveled floor spanning a pool, Sugarplum’s professionals have seen and done it all. We also provide all grades of carpet as well as faux wood laminating flooring to add that final finished touch to your event. Flooring options are costly and very particular to your site. For an estimate, call us and schedule a site visit.

Dance Floors & Full Flooring

Entrance canopies & marquees set the stage for all events. This could be as simple as a small tent leading into the main tent, or a tent placed at the entrance of the property for valet drop off, or a colorful or interesting tent at the entry of a building or home. The canopy may be purely an aesthetic choice or it may serve as a place to display table seating assignments, coat checks, gift drop-off or a place for guests to wait comfortably while the valet gets their car. Whatever the reason, an entry canopy is a gracious way to say “welcome!”

 Other services include:

  • Tables & Chairs
  • Climate Control
  • And Much More…