Clearly a cut above!
A Sailcloth Tent with its soaring peaks and festive pennants
Custom fabric lining in a tent offers wonderful ambiance for this home wedding.

Decide on the location! Will it be at your home or a venue? If it’s at a venue or historic property, get the date secured. Can the location handle your event inside or will you need some overflow space outside? Will you need a tent?

For the size, you need to think about the following:

— Will the event be a seated meal and if so, for approx. how many?
— Do you want extra space for social distancing?
— Will you have dancing under the tent?
— Will you have a DJ or a band?
— Will the meal be served or will it be a buffet?
— How many bars under the tent?
— Will there be dessert area and/or reception table?

With these questions answered, call us for a chat and we can give you a good idea on the size tent you will need.

Think about the vision and the look you want for your event. Perhaps you have definite ideas or a planner to help you. Let us know!

Look through our photo galleries to gather some ideas. Your vision will start to take shape! The look of a clear-top tent is dramatically different than a tent with a taffeta liner. But a clear tent also looks great with some fabric swagging. So do your “research” and give us a general idea of your direction. We’ll be happy to make suggestions and recommendations.

We can often use a series of frame or structure tents, which abut end-to-end to get you the space you need. From underneath these tents provide contiguous space. We expertly gutter them so that in the event of rain, the water does not seep down.

To get you an actual proposal for this type of job, we would need to schedule a site visit.

We can provide leveled flooring, but this is rather costly. First, look around and see if there’s a flat area, perhaps to the side. We can also use several frame tents if there is some flat areas to try and keep the event on an area as flat as possible.

We can provide almost everything except the food and flowers! And you’ll love going over those details with your caterer and florist. But we can provide the rest: we have dance floors in teakwood, New England & Vintage plank, and black and white, or all white. We have stages in all sizes, décor items such as taffeta tent liners, pole drapes and fabric swagging are also things we routinely provide—and we have a wonderful variety. We do full flooring (both level and lay-down). We have carpet and Astroturf options to cover the flooring or patio. We have many lighting options for you, including lanterns and chandeliers of all sizes and styles; we have lots of uplighting and pin-spotting options. We also have a nice variety of streamer lighting and the bistro café string lighting. We can even do a starlight effect under a taffeta tent liner or directly on a clear tent ceiling, or wrap the lights around the center poles. For lighting a parking area or entrance we have a really cool light balloon that looks like a big full moon. We also have super-quiet event generators and can heat and cool our tents (both air conditioning and a variety of fans). We even have luxury VIP restroom trailers in various sizes.  AND we know all the players in our industry and help coordinate to provide you with a seamless and worry-free event.

Clear tents are generally best in the Spring and Fall. Summer can be too hot with the sun beating down on the clear panels. If you have your heart set on this you may need to consider air conditioning the tent. But a white or sailcloth tent is classic and it does keep the area underneath a lot cooler.

This is a hard one. When will you know if it’s going to rain?  A week before the event?  A day before?  Or a few hours before?  We normally encourage clients to simply plan a tent into their theme — even with gorgeous weather, people are always happy they had it. You can simply work it into your ambiance and not have to be checking the weather channel every 10 minutes as your big day nears.

A tent also sends the signal that something special is going on. It diffuses the light and makes photos look better and less harsh. Without sides, it’s simply a canopy, protecting guests and food from the elements and the sun or a possible thunderboomer in the summer months.

Bottom line: Tents provide a wonderful ambiance whether it’s sunny or rainy. Don’t risk your entire event by waiting for the 5-day forecast to call for a tent rental. A great event requires sound planning.

Yes, we do it all the time. We have special tent heaters which have actual thermostats, so you can set the temperature. The warm air comes into the tent via duct work. In the winter we also secure our sidewall so that it’s never flapping around with the breeze. You also might want to consider some type of flooring which will further help “insulate” the tent. Having a winter event is more costly, but the magic of shutting out the elements and being in your own warm “cocoon” is priceless!