Sugarplum Tent Company

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Sugarplum Tent Company offers tents, lighting, dance floors, staging, climate control, flooring & carpet, event fencing, podiums, etc. We do it all except for the dishes and flowers--(leave those to your caterer & florist!) Our tents come in white, clear, striped and beige in all sizes and styles. Our dance floors are teakwood--beautifully polished and maintained (no scuffed up oak or uneven seams with us!) We also have them in black, white, black & white and other styles.

Lighting options range from understated and elegant to colorful rice lanterns to a dreamy starlight effect to pin spotting.

Taffeta tent liners come in a variety of colors & fabrics including white, champagne, black (do you dare?!) and red. Ditto for the pole drapes; we also have some rich looking pole covers in an ombre pattern with ivories, beiges and latte colors.

We also offer of full line of sailcloth tenting, which is popular on waterfront venues in the Chesapeake Bay area as well as local garden events.

There are many flooring options whether you want simple astroturf or need a leveled floor with real carpet to span your pool. Tables and chairs come in a variety of sizes and styles . . . We also have event fencing, rope and stanchion, archways, podiums, and generators, restroom trailers, permits and well, everything except the dishes, flowers & guests . . .